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Hiring a Vacuum Pump Truck Company for your Lower Mainland Project Should be Researched.

Whether you’re a plumbing, building or landscaping contractor or property manager, when you are hiring a vacuum pump truck company for your lower mainland project, here are some points you should consider.

What Services Do They Offer?

When looking for Vacuum Truck services, you will want to hire a company that has a variety of equipment to ensure that the equipment is a good match for the project.  EdenFlo Pump Truck Services has one of the most diverse fleets of equipment in the lower mainland. If you need hydro excavation, pot-holing, daylighting, hydro flushing, vacuum or video line inspection services, Edenflo should be your first call.

Safety and Training

EdenFlo is compliant with all regulations and safety standards for our industry. Our team members go through extensive equipment and safety training to ensure a safe and efficient job site for everyone.

Service Quality and Past Projects

Find out why EdenFlo has an outstanding record of customer satisfaction. Check out our Google reviews or give us a call so that we can share with you our customer’s experience on similar projects like the one you are facing.

Find out why more contractors, and property managers rely on the experts at Edenflo Pump Truck Services.  The communities that are served by EdenFlo include Vancouver, Abbotsford, Aldergrove, Surrey, Langley, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Port Coquitlam, Delta, White Rock, Anmore and even Lions Bay! Call us at 604 575 1414 or fill out our online request  and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Preventive Maintenance Series – Video Line Inspection

As part of our series on preventive maintenance for your plumbing, let’s take a look at Video Line Inspection.

In Video Line Inspection, an Edenflo service technician will use specialized CCTV video camera equipment to inspect your residential or commercial waste pipes up close and personal – from the inside, where it’s easy to spot the problems and take action before they cause an expensive problem.

Edenflo Video Line InspectionVideo line inspection can help us find all manner of plumbing problems. Most often, it will alert us to a developing clog situation, and we can use hydro flushing (located on the same truck as the camera equipment) to get rid of the buildup before it impedes the system’s function.

We occasionally find more serious problems that require more serious repair work. Because of Video Line Inspection’s ability to pinpoint the exact location of a problem, you’ll save money because it will reduce the amount of costly excavation needed to affect a repair.

A plumbing system with a problem will tend to lead to other problems. Regular preventive maintenance is the key to reducing overall maintenance costs, and preventing disaster in the form of sewer back up and flooding.

Edenflo’s technicians are armed with the technology and know-how to solve your problems and save you money.

For more information about Video Line Inspection, Hydro Flushing, and other services offered by Edenflo, call us at 604-575-1414 or fill out our online request for service.

Why Choose Hydro-Flushing?

Hydro-Flushing is a tried and true technique in drain line clearance, and it’s the first choice of an Edenflo technician when there’s a problem with your sewer or storm water removal system. It offers many benefits over traditional mechanical means of clog removal.

Hydro-FlushingHydro-Flushing involves introducing water into the pipe at a very high pressure, dislodging both the clog and any accumulated sediment in the line all at once. The result is a drain line that is completely clear of debris, not just the removal of a single clog. Any material that doesn’t flow out to the sewer system is collected by the vacuum in our combo truck and removed that way. You are left with a system that is nearly as clean as it was when you installed it.

Because there’s no mechanical component, there are no errant metal tools involved in the process that can damage your drain system. No surprise repairs.

All Edenflo technicians are trained and experienced in the use of Hydro-Flushing equipment and methods. They can accurately assess the needs of your specific property and drainage system, and set about work in a way that will solve your problem in the shortest time, at the smallest cost.

Hydro-Flushing is a more efficient, effective, and economical way to solve the problems of a clogged sewer or septic line. It’s also useful as a preventive technique. Hydro-Flushing on a regular basis will ensure that your waste and storm water removal system will work as intended for years to come.

For more information about Hydro-Flushing and other services offered by Edenflo, call us at 604-575-1414 or fill out our online request for service.

Slow Drainage? Don’t Replace the System! Hydro Flushing Gets Results!

If your system is suffering from slow drainage, it can be easy to think about giving up and calling it quits. Even with all the trouble that it would involve, a new system would at least solve the problem. Fortunately, this isn’t necessary. Continue reading to discover a much easier solution to this nagging problem.

Reasons for Slow DrainingEdenflo Hydro Flushing for Edenflo
When it comes to your septic tank, there are a number of things that could be causing slow drainage. Debris, silt, and sludge can all be the cause, by themselves or in combination, but the result is the same: a frustratingly slow drain that could actually be the symptom of a much larger problem on the horizon.

Hydro Flushing to the Rescue
Fortunately, this doesn’t mean your septic system needs to be replaced. In reality, what it most likely needs is to be treated with a process known as hydro flushing.

The process is fairly self-explanatory. It’s a high-pressured way of flushing your drain. Basically, a hose is lowered down the drain with a specially made head at the bottom. This hose head directs the water out in all directions, similar to how sprinkler heads work in commercial buildings. By supplying the water at extremely high speeds, the drains are cleaned of all the silt, debris, and sludge caked on their walls.

Another, similar, process known as line jetting can also be used. Line jetting simply uses a hose that is 3” or smaller, whereas hydro flushing uses lines 4” or larger.

If your drains aren’t emptying like normal, you may have begun thinking your only option was to replace the system. Before you do, however, give Edenflo a call today. Their experts will be able to come take a look at your system and see if a simple dose of hydro flushing can do the trick instead.