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Save Money With Edenflo’s Preventative Maintenance Program

When you own property, you want to keep it maintained because this is always less expensive than having to make repairs when something goes wrong. It is convenient to find a company that can do multiple preventative maintenance services because then all of the work gets done at once and you do not have to worry about it for another year. Edenflo offers a preventative maintenance program that can help you to keep your property in great shape and save you time and money, as well as promote increased efficiency.

High Pressure Flushing
This can be used to tackle your drain and sewer lines and get all of the silt, sand, and sludge out of them. This can be done on both small lines and large lines to ensure that things are not getting clogged and causing problems, such as backup which can result in costly and damaging flooding.

Hydro Excavation
This is a good method for getting tree stumps prepared for removal and creating landscaping features. You can also get digging done in areas that are difficult to get to and get the trenches dug for line installation.

Sump and Catch Basin Cleaning
Catch basins and sumps need to be maintained to prevent clogging and motor burnout and this service can get all of the debris, water, and sand out of your basin and sump. This will ensure that you do not have issues with your sump.

Video Camera Line Inspection
Knowing what is happening with your drain lines is not easy, but it has to be done or else you risk experiencing costly repairs and this service can get the inspection done quickly. Using this method will help you to save time, reduce damage, and decrease repair costs, according to Edenflo.

EdenFlo is a Proud Member of ComplyWorks and the BC Trucking Association

EdenFlo is moving up and gaining more credibility by becoming a part of the BC Trucking Association and ComplyWorks.  Customers should take a minute to learn about what this means for them and how it can benefit them.  Both organizations have a good reputation and only take on businesses who are reputable and those who always provide high-quality work.

Who is the BC Trucking Association?BC Trucking Association Edenflo
This organization is a non-profit that was founded in 1913 and they strive to promote the interests of motor carriers in British Columbia.  The majority of the enterprises that this organization supports are small to medium size family businesses who have proven that they are reputable and good to their customers in providing a variety of services from hauling items to preventative maintenance and hydro flushing.  The motor carriers that they represent operate between 13,000 and 14,000 vehicles, according to the BC Trucking Association.

Who is ComplyWorks?Comply Works Edenflo
ComplyWorks is a company that offers a management solution to help in connecting contractors, individuals, and suppliers with companies by using web-based systems, according to ComplyWorks.  This system will work with the business that is using it and it can be adapted to the individual needs of the client in helping by monitoring relevant data to assist from pre-qualification to payment.  This organization uses a team approach to help companies get solutions to the issues and obstacles that they face so that suppliers and contractors can be engaged and to assist with keeping companies compliant with the various requirements.  This organization is always available to help those who are working with them to ensure that things are running smoothly and per all laws and regulations.

How Hydro Excavation Works

Hydro excavation is a process that is neither mechanical or destructive and it works to excavate soil while vacuuming at the same time, according to H2X Hydro Excavation. When compared to other excavation methods, this one is far safer because it uses an industrial strength vacuum and pressurized water to get the job done. The vacuum tank will suck up all soil and water slurry as the soil is broken up so there is not a big mess left behind and the water used to do this ensures that underground utility damage does not occur. You will not need to do nearly as much labour, backfill, or restoration and the process is rather environmentally friendly.

What Can Hydro Excavation Be Used For?
This process can be used for a variety of things, such as different types of preventative maintenance and various forms of digging. Common uses include the following:

  • Remote digging
  • Piling hole excavation
  • Removal of debris
  • Daylighting/potholing
  • Slot trenching
  • Exposing utilities
  • Digging in the cold weather

Debris removal is something that can be used for preventative maintenance on your property and it is non-destructive and precise so there is no need to worry about something getting broken or damaged in the process. You can have this done to clean out and remove debris from many different types of structures and everything that is surrounding the area being excavated will not be damaged. If you have a catch basin, for example, you need to maintain this yearly and hydro excavation can be used to clean out the basin, clean up any spills, and remove sludge from it. This will help in preventing clogging and further issues related to your sump.