Septic Tank Cleaning - Residential Services

A septic tank is the key component of a septic system. It is effectively a small scale sewage treatment system. Septic tanks are commonly used in areas which have no connection to main sewage pipes.

By regularly employing Edenflo to empty your septic tank you are avoiding the costly repairs that can result from a neglected system. Those who ignore the requirement to regularly empty your septic tank will eventually be faced with extremely costly repairs when solids escape the tank. Neglecting your septic tank and not scheduling septic tank cleaning appointments on a regular basis poses serious health and environmental threats and can lead to considerable expense.

residential septic tank cleaning surrey langley vancouverWe clean, inspect and haul from:

  • Septic and holding tanks
  • Pump stations
  • Sanitary inspection chambers

Specialized services:

  • Minor plumbing and pump repairs
  • Electronic tank and line location
  • Hydro flushing of all components of a septic system; including the inflow and outflow lines, the septic tank, distribution boxes and all leach line