Storm Drain & Catch Basin Cleaning - Commercial Services

Storm drain cleaning and regular maintenance is essential to ensuring that our cities and neighbourhoods remain adequately drained of excess rain and groundwater. It's important to keep storm drains and catch basins free of impediments.

Catch basins allow rainwater runoff to be safely collected to prevent road and property flooding. You may notice that some catch basins in your neighbourhood are marked with a yellow fish. The fish is a reminder that basins, marked or unmarked, are connected to creeks, streams and other environmentally sensitive areas.

storm drain cleaning catch basin cleaning vancouverEdenflo has the equipment and expertise for the fast and effective removal of water, sand and debris from catch basins, sumps, culverts, storm drains and storm pump stations. Our "Lowboy" service enables us to clean and maintain catch basins and sumps located in underground parkades and hard to reach areas often associated with apartment buildings, high-rises and commercial complexes. Our large, tandem axle combo trucks are the fastest and most effective equipment for the removal of debris from parking lots, roadways, and landscape catch basins. All of our service trucks are equipped with pressure washers for the fast, effective removal of debris.

Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance of your storm drainage systems is the best way to ensure that debris levels never reach a point in the catch basins where dirt and debris can migrate into the horizontal drain lines. Left unchecked, debris can build up in the lines, leading to blockages and the very costly problem of overflow and flooding. Should this happen, Edenflo has the hydro flushing equipment to effectively remove debris build-up from the lines and video line inspection equipment to ensure that your drain lines are clean and flowing properly.

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