Grease Trap Service - Commercial Pump Truck Services

When grease interceptors (or grease traps) are not properly maintained, grease from commercial kitchens goes into the sewer, where it builds up and clogs the sewer system. Metro Vancouver and its member municipalities spend at least $2 million every year to deal with the effects of grease, including infrastructure maintenance and managing spills.

New requirements for grease interceptors

On October 26, 2012 Metro Vancouver approved a bylaw that sets new requirements for grease interceptors (or grease traps). The bylaw establishes new maintenance requirements and limits on the amount of grease and solids that can flow out of grease interceptors and into sewers.
Establishments that are not in compliance with requirements may be subject to re-inspection fees and/or a fine.

Grease-Trap-2Grease: a big problem for our sewers

When fats, oils and grease from food preparation and cooking get put down the drain it can plug drain lines and eventually clog the region's sewers. Grease build-up in sewers causes them to overflow, potentially damaging homes, businesses and the environment.

A lot of the grease in our sewers comes from commercial kitchens where grease interceptors (or grease traps) are not properly maintained or are too small.

Maintenance - what's required

Establish regularly schedule grease interceptor (trap) maintenance with Edenflo Pump Truck Services. Grease interceptors only work if they are properly maintained. These are the key maintenance requirements for grease interceptors.

Have grease interceptors fully pumped out by Edenflo Pump Truck Services:

  • when fats, oils, grease and solids are more than 25% of the total liquid depth OR
  • every 90 days (whichever occurs first)
  • Edenflo Pump Truck Services will inspect all components that may affect its proper operation

Grease build-up in sewers should not be a problem if the grease interceptor is properly maintained.

  • Don't use enzymes or other agents that will allow grease to pass through the grease interceptor and go into the sewer.
  • Keep a record of inspection and maintenance activities. Have two years on hand and available for inspection.
  • Have Edenflo Pump Truck Services set you up for regularly scheduled maintenance service

Non-compliance with regulations

Commercial kitchens that do not meet the regulations may be subject to re-inspection fees of up to $300. Certain violations - such as not having a grease interceptor - now carry a minimum fine of $2,000.