Preventative Maintenance - Commercial & Residential

Residential Septic Systems

By regularly employing Edenflo to empty your septic tank you are avoiding the costly repairs that can result from an uncared for system. Those who ignore the requirement to regularly empty your septic tank will eventually be faced with extremely costly repairs when solids escape the tank and enter the leach lines. Please see 'How Your Septic System Works' for more information on the proper maintenance and care of your septic system.

Edenflo can set you up on a regular maintenance schedule based on the age of your system, the number of people using the system and the past maintenance on the system. We will give you a friendly reminder when the time is right to clean your system again. Just ask your technician about our maintenance program and he can set it up for you.

Residential and Commercial Sanitary and Storm Pump Stations

In many commercial properties and some residential properties, sanitary waste that is generated below the city services will be collected in and pumped from a pump or lift station. These are most common in large commercial and residential complexes where there may be several levels of underground parking. The regularly scheduled maintenance of these pump stations is essential to the worry free operation of the pumps, avoiding the costly repairs and services required in the event of flooding resulting from a pump failure.

Storm Water Drainage Systems

Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance of your storm drainage systems is the best way to ensure that debris levels never reach a point in the catch basins where dirt and debris can migrate into the horizontal drain lines. Left unchecked, debris can build up in the lines, leading to blockages and the very costly problem of overflow and flooding.

Should this happen, Edenflo has the hydro flushing equipment to effectively remove debris build-up from the lines and video line inspection equipment to ensure that your drain lines are clean and flowing properly.

Waste Water | Pre-Treatment Residuals

As a food or beverage processing facility/operator, you are required to properly manage your wastewater in accordance with bylaw limits. Our EdenFlo service technicians have experience managing residuals from wastewater pre-treatment.

Avoid the penalties of not complying with legal limitation and call EdenFlo to take care of all your wastewater and residuals needs.