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Understanding underground... Edenflo has the equipment and the expertise.

Our Closed Circuit Television Video (CCTV) pipe inspection is the process of running cameras through sewer lines and performing detailed inspections of the sewer system. Upon review of these videos, we are able to identify, in detail, any deficiencies in the sewer system and accurately locate the problem. This information is valuable in the excavation and repair process as it eliminates any "guess work" towards resolving the problem. Scroll down to view one of our actual inspection videos!

Prompt repair of damaged and defective lines results in a reduction in the number of trouble spots, infiltration and inflow, and general deterioration. CCTV inspection also allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of various maintenance procedures. Our video line inspection systems allow us to inspect the internal workings of a pipe line to find and assess any existing problems. When a problem is discovered the hydro-jetting equipment is employed to resolve the problem.

Our technicians are PACP certified. The PACP is a North American standard for sewer defect identification and assessment. It provides standardization and consistency to the methods in which sewer pipe conditions are evaluated and TV inspection results are managed.

In the video below, we were able to determine the cause of repeated backups from a sink located in a newly renovated lunchroom at our customers facility. Quite simply...the plumbing contractor neglected to hook this sink up to the main drain line! We were able to visually inspect the pipe, identify the problem and locate exactly where the 'capped pipe' terminated. With this information our customer was able to determine how much work would be required to hook up to the main drain line. The good news was that a minimal amount of concrete would have to cut out in order to make the repair.

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