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EdenFlo is a Proud Member of ComplyWorks and the BC Trucking Association

EdenFlo is moving up and gaining more credibility by becoming a part of the BC Trucking Association and ComplyWorks.  Customers should take a minute to learn about what this means for them and how it can benefit them.  Both organizations have a good reputation and only take on businesses who are reputable and those who always provide high-quality work.

Who is the BC Trucking Association?BC Trucking Association Edenflo
This organization is a non-profit that was founded in 1913 and they strive to promote the interests of motor carriers in British Columbia.  The majority of the enterprises that this organization supports are small to medium size family businesses who have proven that they are reputable and good to their customers in providing a variety of services from hauling items to preventative maintenance and hydro flushing.  The motor carriers that they represent operate between 13,000 and 14,000 vehicles, according to the BC Trucking Association.

Who is ComplyWorks?Comply Works Edenflo
ComplyWorks is a company that offers a management solution to help in connecting contractors, individuals, and suppliers with companies by using web-based systems, according to ComplyWorks.  This system will work with the business that is using it and it can be adapted to the individual needs of the client in helping by monitoring relevant data to assist from pre-qualification to payment.  This organization uses a team approach to help companies get solutions to the issues and obstacles that they face so that suppliers and contractors can be engaged and to assist with keeping companies compliant with the various requirements.  This organization is always available to help those who are working with them to ensure that things are running smoothly and per all laws and regulations.

What Not to Dump in Your Toilet and How it Can Affect Your Septic Tank

The septic tank requires little maintenance, thus it’s often the most neglected part of the home. There’s very little effort involved in keeping it in good condition. However, homeowners need to keep in mind that a septic tank needs to be clog free in order to work properly.

The tank is not a garbage can and should not be considered as such. Flushing down sanitary napkins, diapers, and even toilet paper can stop the tank from working properly. Random items such as cat litter, coffee grounds, and cigarettes butts can also hamper the efficiency of the tank. Anything that’s non-biodegradable can stop the sewer system from functioning well as it should.

Bacteria grow in the tank, and they are responsible for breaking down the solids that make their way into the system. With a tank nearly filled with non-biodegradable materials, the bacteria in the tank will have a difficult time turning the solids into sludge.

What if the item is too small or too trivial to count? Items such as dental floss and cotton buds may not seem like a lot, but if the tank uses a grinder pump, small items can be stuck in the impeller, causing massive pump damage.

Moreover, chemicals from home cleaning products (such as ammonia, bleach, and drain cleaners) also impede the processes of the septic system. These chemicals interfere with the anaerobic bacteria’s job, making waste processing very inefficient. What’s worse is that the chemicals can seep into and contaminate the nearby water system.

There’s a reason why garbage cans are created—they’re for the proper disposal of biodegradable and non-biodegradable items. When the tank breaks down, it will be most costly for the homeowner to have it repaired. Proper care and maintenance of the tank should save owners from the headaches and expenses that a broken down sewer system brings and that’s where Edenflo can help.

Edenflo is BBB Accredited

The Better Business Bureau stands for trust, honesty and quick responsiveness. Businesses that earn BBB accredited business status contractually agree and adhere to the organization’s high standards of ethical business behavior. The BBB strives to embody integrity in all aspects of business.

Edenflo Pump Truck Services Ltd. is proud to announce we have received BBB accreditation. Click on the logo below to see our listing on the BBB Canada website: