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Slow Drainage? Don’t Replace the System! Hydro Flushing Gets Results!

If your system is suffering from slow drainage, it can be easy to think about giving up and calling it quits. Even with all the trouble that it would involve, a new system would at least solve the problem. Fortunately, this isn’t necessary. Continue reading to discover a much easier solution to this nagging problem.

Reasons for Slow DrainingEdenflo Hydro Flushing for Edenflo
When it comes to your septic tank, there are a number of things that could be causing slow drainage. Debris, silt, and sludge can all be the cause, by themselves or in combination, but the result is the same: a frustratingly slow drain that could actually be the symptom of a much larger problem on the horizon.

Hydro Flushing to the Rescue
Fortunately, this doesn’t mean your septic system needs to be replaced. In reality, what it most likely needs is to be treated with a process known as hydro flushing.

The process is fairly self-explanatory. It’s a high-pressured way of flushing your drain. Basically, a hose is lowered down the drain with a specially made head at the bottom. This hose head directs the water out in all directions, similar to how sprinkler heads work in commercial buildings. By supplying the water at extremely high speeds, the drains are cleaned of all the silt, debris, and sludge caked on their walls.

Another, similar, process known as line jetting can also be used. Line jetting simply uses a hose that is 3” or smaller, whereas hydro flushing uses lines 4” or larger.

If your drains aren’t emptying like normal, you may have begun thinking your only option was to replace the system. Before you do, however, give Edenflo a call today. Their experts will be able to come take a look at your system and see if a simple dose of hydro flushing can do the trick instead.