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Being Close is Always Better… Especially When You Are Talking About the Drain in Your Underground Parking Garage.

It’s always better to be closer to the action. People pay big dollars to be at the table by the fireplace, or to sit in the front row at the concert.


The same is true for access to your catch basins or drains in your underground parking garage. When there is a problem, you need access right away with the right equipment.  EdenFlo Pump Truck Service is the expert when it comes to accessing and cleaning your below ground garage drains.  Our “Lowboy” fleet of vacuum pump trucks are specifically designed to get as close as possible to your drain issue so that we can get at the problem quickly and remedy your clogged drains efficiently.

Low ceiling drain cleaning

Low ceiling drain cleaning


Having the Low Boy service means that we can get your garage catch basins cleaned quicker, resulting in less cost to you.  Whether your low clearance challenge is in Vancouver, Aldergrove, Surrey, Langley, Buranby, New Westminster, Delta or White rock, EdenFlo provides emergency service or scheduled maintenance for your parkade drainage needs. See the difference our specialty garage drain cleaning service makes to you.