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What is Catch Basin and Sump Cleaning?

The sewage system plays an important role in every neighbourhood. This prevents floods and ensures that the rainwater is irrigated properly out of the establishments and buildings.

The catch basin and sump are just two of the many components of a sewage system. The sump pit is usually found under the basement where it collects the water and fluids and ensures that the basement is dry. The catch basin, on the other hand, is a part of the storm drain. It traps debris to prevent them from entering the pipes. Even if these two are completely different, both are used in preventing water to accumulate in unwanted places.

The sump pit and catch basin are used all throughout the year, no matter which part of the world you are from. This is the reason why they frequently get blocked by soil and other debris that aren’t caught by the grills. If this happens, there may be water damage in the basement and puddles in the road. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning for these sewage parts is a must, especially if you want to avoid such nuisance and problems. This is also helpful for flooding prevention.

In cleaning the catch basin and sump pit, the deposits and the sludge in those places are hosed and scraped off. This tends to be a bit difficult and tricky if done on your own. This is why contacting professional services is advised for these situations.

Edenflo can provide you with professional cleaning services for your sump pits and catch basins. This prevents the drainage from getting blocked, which may cause problems for you and your family. They can do hydro flushing and hydro excavating in order to clean up the sewage. This preps the sewage system for the storm and keeps your basements dry. Aside from cleaning, they also offer the construction of underground facilities like septic tank and water pipes.

Hire an Expert for Commercial Pump Truck Services

We are a trusted name in pump truck services in Canada. We have been around for more than 30 years and are proud to offer free quotes and consultation for any of our services, year-round. Find us in Vancouver, Burnaby, Aldergrove, and White Rock among many others in British Columbia.

The following are some of the best services that we can provide you:

  • Hydro excavation: This is used in creating septic tank and other underground facilities, like pipe lines. Unlike the traditional excavation, hydro excavating for such purposes are safer and results in less damages. This also ensures that the pipes won’t be damaged and the workers are not placed in such a risky situation. It is also more environment-friendly as the excavation is localized and kept within a certain area.
  • Hydro flushing: Get this service for removing deposits, sludge, and other blockage in your sewage systems. It can also be used in cleaning out the catch-basin in order to prevent flooding in the basement. Edenflo’s combo trucks not only clear out the debris, they also collect the wastes. Hydro flushing does not involve the use of any metals that can potentially damage properties and pipes that are already underground. This assures that the utilities underground are not harmed.
  • Septic tank cleaning: The septic is used a sewage treatment system for small scale purposes. Regularly cleaning out and emptying the septic tank is important in preventing repairs and damages on the tank. This also helps in avoiding health risks that may occur when the tank spills.
  • Sewer and drain cleaning: The sewer and drainage systems are both important in every neighbourhood. This is why they have to be maintained and kept clean regularly throughout the year. If not, this may lead to clogging of the sewage and cause flooding and water damage to homes and infrastructures. Hiring a professional to do the cleaning is good especially for those who want a thorough cleaning of the drainage. This keeps you and your family ready and protected from the storm and heavy rains.

What is Catch Basin and Sump Cleaning?

Catch basins and sump pits are two of the most often used words in relation to property management. Although completely unrelated—one is found on the road, while the other is located at home—those two parts of a sewage system prevents water from accumulating in places where it shouldn’t be.

While there is no denying that water is important, there are times when excess water gets into places where possessions could be easily destroyed. Therefore, it is important to have a drainage system that will direct water to a different location. This is where catch basins and sump pits come in—but first, a definition.

A catch basin is a type of drainage found on roads. When it rains, water accumulates on the lower part of the path, creating puddles that are not only unsightly but also inconvenient to walk on. A catch basin filters large debris and removes water from roadways and directs it to oceans, lakes and other bodies of water.

A sump pit, on the other hand, is located in the basement of homes. It holds the water that has collected inside the house and contains it in the basement. Like the catch basin, the sump pit has a grate over it, which acts as a riddle to prevent debris from entering the pit.

Both the catch basin and the pump pit are frequently used every year. Because of that, they tend to catch debris that is not filtered by the grills. Therefore, regular cleaning of the basin and the pit is required.

Catch basin and sump pit cleaning involves hosing off sludge and dirt and scraping off remaining deposits from the containers. Accessing drainage is tricky work, so the cleaning should be left to professionals.

Cleaning the receptacles is one way of preventing drainage clogging. When the systems are plugged, water cannot flow through freely, which could cause flooding and overflowing.

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