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Replacement Options for your Aging Septic System

With the right maintenance, aging septic systems may be extended to work for the next 5 to 10 years. But after maximizing the utility of a septic system, after 30 or so years, you would really have to replace the entire septic system. Here are some guides in replacement system options to help you out.


One of the first things you need to consider when replacing your septic system is the kind of tank you will use. For this, you have three replacement system options: a steel septic tank, concrete or plastic.

If you are thinking long term, steel septic tanks may not be a wise option. This replacement system option may accumulate rust over time, which shortens the life of the septic tank. Until when before this starts to accumulate rust depends on the kind of steel used and on how the installation was done. It also depends on other factors like the area where it will be installed.

For septic experts, using concrete and plastic septic tanks would be a wiser decision. These replacement system options can be used for up to 40 years, if well taken care of.

Know the demands of the replacement system

Different replacement system option has different demands. It is important that you understand the demands of the system that you have chosen and see how difficult the entire installation could be. See if your area can cope with what the option asked for. Consulting the septic tank dealer would also be helpful in weighing the different replacement system options. Their assessment will guide you in choosing which one is a better.

There are things you can do to extend that aging septic system’s lifespan to up to 10 to 15 more years. But after exhausting all the dos to maximize the aging septic system’s use, you would really have to replace the system at some point. Make sure you look at all the factors to help you select the best option.

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Buying a House – Septic System Inspections

Buying a house is more than just about comfort and aesthetics. If you are considering buying a house or moving to a new place, it important that you inspect the condition of the septic system as well. The septic system should be at its best. So before purchasing that house, here are some guides to help you inspect the septic system.

  • Look for a home inspection service company. Inspecting a septic system requires trainings and expertise. Looking at it by yourself will not do you any good. So hire an inspection company to do the job for you. They know how and what to look at the septic system, particularly the condition of the septic ground water. Remember the old saying? Leave it to the experts.
  • Septic systems may cost you a lot. One thing that hinders an individual from contracting the service of an inspection company is its cost. But this should not really restrain you. Consider the expenses as part of buying a house. If you are not going to spend for the septic system inspection, you might end up buying a house with an aging septic system, which you would have to replace in 3 or 5 years. At the end, spending for inspection will be less expensive than not inspecting the system at all.
  • Know more about the septic system. Yes, standing beside an opened septic tank may be difficult. But if you were buying a house, it would be wise if you will know more about that house’s septic systems by accompanying the inspectors during inspection. This will also assure that the inspector will do its job very well knowing that you are observing what is done.
  • Don’t trust the realtor’s report on the septic system. The seller of house usually includes a report on the status of the septic system. Do not trust this report, as this is more likely a bias one to get a good deal.

When buying a house, it is important that you inspect the septic system as well to know its condition. Inspection will give you idea to gauge on up to long the septic system will still last before replacing it.