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Homeowners – Don’t Neglect Your Septic System!

Most of the time, your septic system quietly burbles away in the backyard, very efficiently turning waste products into nutrients that the earth uses to nourish plant life.  When it’s working correctly, a septic system is a pleasure to own.  When it malfunctions, it’s a complete headache.  It can make unpleasant odours, unexpected flooding, and render your home’s sinks and toilets inoperable.  And it will always act up at the least convenient time – in the middle of the night, or a few minutes before the first guests arrive for your big party.

Instead of waiting for a problem to – ahem – arise, practice regular preventive maintenance on your septic system – the grease trap (if you have one), the tank itself, and the weeping tiles in the septic field.

Edenflo family owned business

In BC’s lower mainland, Edenflo Pump Truck Services is your go-to provider of septic and holding tank service.  We’re a family owned business, and we understand the concerns faced by homeowners with septic tanks.  We’ve devised a strategy of periodic preventive maintenance that will keep your septic system working as designed without any hiccups.  We’ll come and inspect at predetermined intervals, and perform only the work that’s required.  If the sludge build up in your septic tank warrants pumping (which all do, in intervals of one to five years or so) we’ll clean it out. We can use video line inspection to ensure that your main sewer line is clear of obstructions, and we can use hydro flushing to clean any blockages, and even clean your septic field.  But we’ll only do what needs to be done to keep your system operating, trouble free.

Edenflo serves all of the lower mainland with the best septic tank service including Abbotsford, Aldergrove, Delta, Surrey, Langley, White Rock, Richmond and as far away as Lions Bay.

For more information about regular maintenance services offered by Edenflo, and to find out why you need to sign up for the peace of mind this service will give you, call 604-575-1414 or fill out our online request for service.

What is a Video Line Inspection?

A video line inspection of your plumbing just reminds us that we are indeed in the 21st century.

What is a video line inspection?

A video line inspection is done by septic tank companies or plumbers to check the pipes for any sewage problems. When doing video line inspections, plumbers will use a mini camera, usually connected to a wire to inspect pipes for blockages. When there are problems with the plumbing this is usually done to check the cause of the problem.

When is a video line inspection done?

Usually when a new family moves into a pre-owned home, and the new owners want to check the condition of the plumbing, they usually hire professional plumbers and ask them to use video line inspection to check the plumbing so that if there are any problems with the pipes they can have it fixed before the family officially moves in.

But video line inspection isn’t just done before a home is occupied. This should be done on a regular basis; it’s one of the simple ways from which we could see any problems in the sewage in order to prevent any big problems, which may arise in the future.

In the event of clogging, you just don’t ask the plumbers to unclog your pipes without really knowing the root of the problem. Ask them to do a video line inspection and see what solid object has clogged your pipes. Once you know the source of the problem you can better avoid these circumstances thus minimizing sewage problems in the future.

Should this be done regularly?

Yes, it should be done on a regular basis. More water usage means more water and waste going down the pipes and this also means more chances of your pipe getting clogged. So a regular video line inspection will minimize future sewage problems.

Plumbing Contractors – Surrey, Vancouver, Delta, Langley, White Rock, Richmond areas

We appreciate and understand just how busy Plumbing Contractors can be when caring for their valued customers.

Sometimes you can’t do it all on your own! If we can help you out in any way please do not hesitate to call; we would be pleased to provide you a contractor friendly, competitive quotation; free of charge.

  • Our tandem axle Vacuum tank trucks – for collecting and transporting large volumes of non-hazardous liquid waste.
  • Our “Lowboy“, complete with a high pressure jetting system, gives us the ability to access areas such as underground parkades, narrow laneways and elevator pits; previously inaccessible with the larger trucks. Perfect for servicing and maintaining sanitary and storm lift stations.
  • Our Combo Truck gives us hydro excavation and high pressure flushing capabilities, perfect for cleaning and maintaining large mains.
  • “The Jet Truck”, the newest addition to our growing fleet of service vehicles. The business end of “The Jet Truck” is equipped with a water pump capable of putting out 40 GPM at a rate of 3000 PSI; making it the ideal solution for cleaning lines up to 18 inches in diameter and to lengths as great as 600 feet. Video line inspection equipment is also on board, making this truck perfect for customers with grease or debris build up in sanitary or storm sewer lines; servicing regular maintenance contracts and cleaning long sewer runs into malls, apartment complexes and parkades. The Jet Truck is our “Blockage Popper”!

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