What is a Video Line Inspection?

A video line inspection of your plumbing just reminds us that we are indeed in the 21st century.

What is a video line inspection?

A video line inspection is done by septic tank companies or plumbers to check the pipes for any sewage problems. When doing video line inspections, plumbers will use a mini camera, usually connected to a wire to inspect pipes for blockages. When there are problems with the plumbing this is usually done to check the cause of the problem.

When is a video line inspection done?

Usually when a new family moves into a pre-owned home, and the new owners want to check the condition of the plumbing, they usually hire professional plumbers and ask them to use video line inspection to check the plumbing so that if there are any problems with the pipes they can have it fixed before the family officially moves in.

But video line inspection isn’t just done before a home is occupied. This should be done on a regular basis; it’s one of the simple ways from which we could see any problems in the sewage in order to prevent any big problems, which may arise in the future.

In the event of clogging, you just don’t ask the plumbers to unclog your pipes without really knowing the root of the problem. Ask them to do a video line inspection and see what solid object has clogged your pipes. Once you know the source of the problem you can better avoid these circumstances thus minimizing sewage problems in the future.

Should this be done regularly?

Yes, it should be done on a regular basis. More water usage means more water and waste going down the pipes and this also means more chances of your pipe getting clogged. So a regular video line inspection will minimize future sewage problems.

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