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Proper Organic Waste Disposal

Every house and building in a community has some sort of wastes for disposal. Most of these wastes are classified as organic waste and can be reused. But instead of reusing them, most people would include these in the garbage bag for dumping into the landfill. However, if this waste is reused properly, this can be composted and used for gardening and farms.

Examples of organic wastes are leftover food, fruit peels, napkins, paper plates, grass cuttings, and other biodegradable wastes. Other trash, like plastics, glasses, or metals are not biodegradable and should not be included in the organics waste bin.

Proper organic waste disposal is something that every home should start doing. It’s simple and easy to do. Aside from starting it at home, restaurants and other food businesses might also be interested in such services. These establishments usually have a lot of organic wastes, which makes them good places to start.

Proper organic waste disposal minimizes the waste produced in the house or in the building. This lessens the garbage and ensures that the non-biodegradable ones are properly dumped in the landfill. This is also good for the environment in the long run, especially when many homes and establishments participate.

Disposal of organic wastes have to be done regularly. If you are maintaining a composting spot at home, segregate your waste every day or every other day and place them in the compost bin. For establishments, weekly disposal might be a better alternative especially when there are lots of wastes accumulating.

If you need professional help for organic waste disposal, you can contact Edenflo. They are among the leading companies in the private and commercial sanitary, and other related industries in Canada. They provide food and organic waste disposal services in certain areas in Canada. If you don’t have enough space or time to dispose your organic waste properly, they can help you in properly disposing your organic garbage. Aside from that, they also offer hydro flushing and hydro excavating, which can be used for creating a catch-basin and septic tank.

Cleaning Your Grease Trap

Restaurants, cafeterias, and fast food chains usually have efficient plumbing systems that allow easy disposal of waste products. However, the excessive amount of oil and grease that come from all the frying, dish washing and cleaning can clog up the drain and hinder the flow of wastes in the plumbing system.

A Social Responsibility
When hardened grease and oil obstruct water flow in the drainage system, the whole municipal sewer could get affected. Clogged drains block water from flowing freely. With water stuck within the system, the possibility of flooding or sewage backup is higher. This creates a domino effect—when one system is congested, all the others are likely to follow.

Many homes and businesses are going to be affected, which means everyone else will have to clean up their drainage systems. That does not only cost a lot of money, but it brings a lot of headache as well. Food establishments should have an efficient grease trap installed within their business premises to ensure that sewer lines are not plugged. A grease trap is a chambered box that filters out oil and grease. Ensuring that all plumbing lines are clear is a social responsibility that everyone must share to prevent nuisances from happening.

Grease Trap Installation and Cleaning Frequency
All food establishments are required to have grease traps installed within their premises. Households and businesses with Waste Discharge Permits are exempted from the rule.

The size of the grease trap of interceptor varies according to the discharge rate of each establishment. Automatic dishwashers, exhaust hoods and pre-rinse sinks can all be connected to a grease trap to prevent blubber from blocking the drainage pipes.

The number of clean-outs required depends on how big the interceptor is. A 75-gallon grease trap should be cleaned every two weeks. Although a bigger grease interceptor is more expensive, it makes sense to install a sizable one to catch all grease from the kitchen.