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How to Take Care of Your Septic System

Your septic system will serve you well for many years as long as you follow a few basic guidelines for preventative maintenance. You will need an occasional septic tank cleaning by a pump truck service, but that’s usually all that is needed if you follow these guidelines.

Only biodegradable waste should go down the drain. Make sure that the toilet tissues and detergents you use say biodegradable or have an indication on the label that they are septic-tank-safe. Anywhere in BC, septic tank cleaning by a professional service should be done every one to five years.

A professional septic tank maintenance company such as Edenflo will inspect your tank for cracks, damaged baffles and other issues when they come to pump the tank and will advise you on any maintenance that is necessary. Most of the time, you can avoid needing maintenance.

Never plant trees or shrubs over your septic system drain field or over your septic tank as roots can cause serious damage that requires costly repairs. The surface around your septic system should never be used to park vehicles and should remain unpaved and permeable. Make sure the cover to your septic tank is securely in place at all times and make sure it remains accessible.

Never pour grease or food waste down the drain. Yes, that means you should not use your electric garbage disposal. Dispose of such waste in a compost area or in your regular garbage. Anything that goes into the garbage disposal adds to solid waste in the septic tank and overloads your drain field with liquid waste, and can ultimately result in septic tank back-up.

Feminine hygiene products should never be flushed down the toilet. Always dispose of them in the regular trash. Also avoid flushing cigarette butts or any other trash down the toilet.