Preparing for the Winter Season

Septic tanks can be filled with water, and you all know what happens to water during the colder months of the year. Of course, if you have a really good septic tank company they might remind you to prepare for the winter season and schedule the much needed cleaning. It is very important that we all get ready when the cold season comes.

Because we live in a colder climate, there are simple tips to follow so that we don’t face any tank problems while we enjoy the holidays.

• Winterize your pipes. The main problems in pipes and septic tanks don’t just happen to houses which are unused for most of the winter months; problems can even arise to people with house which are in full use. There are simple ways to which you can keep your septic tanks up and running. Use antifreeze chemicals and pour them onto the sinks, drains and the toilet bowls to avoid freezing. Special antifreeze for tanks can be bought at any hardware store.

• Empty your septic tank before the winter comes. Weeks before winter officially starts you should have your tank pumped, cleaned, and emptied to minimize septic tank problems that might arise during the winter. Most of the time, the annual cleaning of the septic tank is done during this period since it is when it is needed the most.

• Keep the water flowing. Most people say that septic tank problems arise, such as septic tank freezing when there is less or minimal movement in the pipes.

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