Daylighting or “Soft Digging” Preferred by Lower Mainland Contractors and Property Managers

Hydro excavation or sometimes referred to as daylighting or “pot holing” combines two very powerful forces to expose and remove dirt and debris.  It brings together high-pressurized water to disrupt debris and then sucks away the fallout with an industrial strength vacuum. The net result is an area devoid of all unwanted debris in a relatively brief period of time.

If you’re a building, plumbing or landscaping contractor, you may need hydro excavation for landscaping purposes or exposingsensitive utilities. In either scenario, hydro excavation is an especially beneficial method because it runs little risk of leaving any real damage behind. The process, unlike using a backhoe, is non-mechanic and also non-destructive.

Hydro excavation and flushing services are especially helpful for construction, as they save so much time, and money, compared with conventional forms of mechanical digging. Hydro excavation is the perfect solution for trenching and remote digging where fibre optic cable might need to be laid.

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