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Edenflo Commercial Services Offering

Grease-Trap-module-Pump-chamber-1Edenflo is the Lower Mainland’s first choice for residential and commercial pump truck services. Businesses choose us because we have an extremely wide range of services available, a large selection of available equipment, and experience serving the needs of our large and diverse corporate clientele.

We offer topnotch service to Food Service and Production clients, including Grease Trap and Grease Interceptor cleaning and service, as well as food and organic waste disposal. We offer commercial sanitary services, including holding tank and treatment plant service and maintenance, cleaning and maintenance to sewer lines and pumping stations, and commercial vacuum services.

Storm-drain-cleaning-moduleFor those businesses with buildings to maintain, we offer storm drain and catch basin cleaning services, including “lowboy” truck service that’s able to get into underground parking lots and other hard-to-service areas. When a problem occurs, we can positively diagnose blockages and other problems using Video Line Inspection technology, in which a camera is placed at the site of the problem, allowing us to see exactly what’s going on.

Hydro-X-buyer-pathWe also offer hydro excavation services, which appeal to a large number of clients in diverse industries. Hydro excavation is removal of dirt and other material by “digging” with a high-pressure water jet, and removal of the dislodged material with our vacuum truck. This allows us to unearth utility lines, underground pipes, and other services without disturbing them.

In addition to quick response when a problem arises, as your pipe service specialists, we’re able to offer expert preventative maintenance, so that you don’t have to solve problems, because you’ve avoided them

For more information about the services offered by Edenflo, call us at 604-575-1414 or fill out our online request for service.

Commercial and Industrial Septic System Maintenance

Commercial and industrial septic systems must be pumped more frequently than residential septic systems. Greasy waste and waste with chemical residues require septic systems to be pumped as often as once every three months.

It’s a great idea to establish a planned service schedule to avoid the frustration and hassle of having to remember to call. And if you’re like every other busy business owner or manager, it’s the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, neglecting your septic system can result in a messy, costly and potentially embarrassing overflow.

There’s a few things that dictate how often you need to have it pumped:

  1. Size of the tank
  2. Volume of wastewater flow
  3. Amount and types of debris contained within the wastewater