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Sometimes DIY is Not Authorized


One only needs to turn on the television or visit a magazine rack to see that there’s a huge trend toward do-it-yourself (DIY) renovation and construction. Big box stores offer a huge selection of materials, tools, and even instructional classes that weren’t available a few years ago. DIY enthusiasts save lots of money, get great satisfaction from the work they do, and create living spaces that are precisely customized to their needs and wants.

Some things, however, must be left to professionals. Work on your home’s waste removal system is one of those things. Not only is it a bad idea to make changes to your home’s septic or waste removal equipment, it’s against the law.

In British Columbia, the Sewerage System Regulation spells out the rules for waste removal. This is to prevent the health risks that come with an inappropriate system of waste management from contaminating land and drinking water supplies, and placing the public at risk.

Under the Regulation, only Authorized Persons (a registered onsite wastewater practitioner, or a professional engineer) or homeowners under the supervision of an Authorized Person can construct or alter a waste removal system. All applications for alterations or construction must be filed with the health authority, and maintenance requirements must be outlined by the Authorized Person. Ongoing records must be kept, to ensure industry and owner accountability.

In short, when it comes to your sewerage system, you are best to hire an expert. Edenflo Pumping, as a company of experts in the field, takes great care to ensure that the Lower Mainland’s environment is preserved for future generations. You can rest assured that we will always carry out our work in a responsible manner, with the health and well being of our customers, their families, and the general public, as our primary concern.

If you’ve got problems with your waste system, or want to schedule preventive maintenance, call Edenflo at 604-575-1414 or fill out our online request for service.