7 Ways That EdenFlo Can Help With Your Hydrovac Project

The Experts at EdenFlo Pump Truck Service are well trained on a variety of applications for Hydrovac Excavation. If you are a contractor and looking to subcontract any of the following, give EdenFlo a call.
Potholing / Daylighting

If you need  to expose underground utilities, hydrovac excavation should be your preferred option. The process gains access without damaging any of the assets.

 Debris/ Soil Removal 

You may have a project where there is a build up of debris and or soil.  Hydro excavation can clean areas without affecting existing infrastructure. It can be used to clean catch basins and drainage structures.

Confined or Small Space 

Downtown Vancouver streets are sometimes narrow, creating challenges to excavate and expose conduit or pipes. Even residential backyards are challenging to get at. Hydrovac service can work hundreds of feet away, allowing the vacuum truck to park away from the congestion

Slot Trenching 

If you need trenches dug, Hydrovac excavation is the best to use as it distributes less soil than a backhoe.

Low Ceiling Applications

If you own a parkade or underground garage, getting access to the catch basins to clean can be more than challenging.  Fortunately, EdenFlo has a substantial fleet of “Low Boy” vacuum pump trucks that can get at most low ceiling applications

Cold Weather Excavation 

Although we don’t get there that often in the lower mainland, freezing conditions can cause excavation issues. Using hydrovac techniques, frozen soil is mixed with warm water and the “slurry” is vacuumed up by the vacuum truck. This is a very effective method to expose assets

 Pole Setting 
If you have a need to dig a number of holes for fence posts or poles, hydrovac excavation is the best way to get this job done.  It’s fast and the remaining debris from the excavation is quickly removed by the EdenFlo experts.
If you’re a contractor and you need to expose assets for inspection or repairs, or have a specialized dig, we have the equipment and experts to do the job right.  We service most of the lower mainland including Vancouver, Abbotsford, Aldergrove, Surrey, Langley, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Port Coquitlam, Delta, White Rock, Anmore and even Lions Bay!  Call us at 604 575 1414 or fill out our online request  and we’ll be happy to assist you.